We are your next door neighbors.  We are the  people that help you when you have an emergency, the neighbor who  watches your home when you're away  on vacation.

Our children played together, went to school  together  and became life long friends. We are a community of hard working men and women who love Harwinton the way it is now.

To protect the integrity and rural character of our town

Mission Statement:

 We are not a political party. We are a community of people working together to protect the integrity of Harwinton, our home. We are individuals who believe that politicians should do the bidding of our community, and not work in their own self interest. Their party affiliations do not matter. We will hold them responsible, and when necessary, expose them  for who and what they are.


"Neither the Commission nor Ms. Nelson have jurisdiction over my relationship with my neighbors." -Commissioner Truskauskas-  Sept 07   See "Scoville Hill Complaint" on documents page 

When former Zoning Enforcement Officer Karen Nelson expressed concerns about Commissioner Truskauskas's lack of respect toward his neighbors, Truskauskas replied:

​​  Protect Harwinton Staff would like to thank the Harwinton Zoning Board of Appeals for their integrity and diligence. We never doubted you! Thank you for a job well done!

We Will Be Addressing Other Issues Shortly.

Please Watch Your Email.

Don Truskauskas

Harwinton's Zoning Chairman 

and Owner Autumn Contracting

Cease and Desist